MOIRA KENNY

An Archive of Social Involvement as Contemporary Art Practice

         Cultural Reflection - Critical Commentary - Supplementary Material

                      Social, Cultural and Political Content

Moira Kenny is an artist based in Liverpool, UK. Moira works across disciplines Painting, Oral History, Writing, Photography, Film/Directing, Community Engagement and Consultation.  

In 2003 Moira started working voluntarily with the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre in Duke Street Liverpool and set up an organisation named Chinese Mind and Beauty with Helen Owen Pagoda Arts, Mr C. K. Cheung The Wah Sing and Dr Angie Thew to design and deliver arts projects with the Chinese communities to identify problems associated with Mental Health. 

Chinapool Arts and Culture organisation was founded shortly after bringing together the shared histories and  philosophy of China and the heritage  of  Liverpool in a Frenson building 40 - 42 Nelson Street, Chinatown. The oldest Chinese community in Europe.

In 2010 Moira Kenny and Musician/Artist John J. Campbell founded The Sound Agents to develop socially engaged practice work to help support enable and encourage seldom heard voices to be represented and share their heritage and histories using art as a tool for communication.